Introducing the 4-Ever Flex-Pass

The new 4-Ever Flex-Pass not only offers you savings but is good forever!

  • Each 4-Ever Flex-Pass gives you four tickets – three to any non-musical play(s), plus one for a musical.
  •  You can use these for any of HCCTs upcoming plays and musicals!
  •  Use them this year, next year, or any time in the future!

Use these 4-Ever Flex-Passes any way you would like. For example, you might want to see three plays and a musical all by yourself. Or, if you’d like to bring two of your friends, you may use three tickets all for one play, then save the musical ticket just for you – or buy a second 4-Ever Flex-Pass so a friend can see the musical with you!

Our community theatre needs your support to remain financially viable and available to the community for the long term. For those of you who can, please consider an additional 4-Ever Flex-Pass.