Show Notes

Nunsense A-men

Book by Dan Goggin
Music by Dan Goggin
Lyrics by Dan Goggin

January 7 – January 30 2022

Nunsense A-Men! is basically the original “Nunsense” show with all of the characters being portrayed by male musical comedy performers. Think of it as “Mrs. Doubtfire enters the Convent.” Done totally seriously, this show is, to quote a critic, “no drag”.

When five of the surviving members of the Little Sisters of Hoboken Convent discover that 52 of their sisters have been accidentally poisoned by food prepared by their cook, Sister Julia, Child of God, they’re tasked with the challenge of raising enough money to pay for the burials. While the deceased nuns await proper burial, the surviving nuns decide to perform a variety show at a local high school to scrape together the funds.

The five nuns performing at this show are big-shot former circus performer Mother Superior Mary Regina, her rival Sister Mary Hubert, street-smart Brooklynite Sister Robert Anne, fledgling ballerina Sister Mary Leo, and absent-minded Sister Mary Amnesia, who suffers from memory loss after getting hit in the head with a falling crucifix.

The nuns’ personalities clash as they all fight for the spotlight but their sisterhood eventually triumphs as they get closer to reaching their goal. Nunsense is the second-longest-running Off-Broadway show in history, with a run of 3,672 performances. The show’s success has generated six sequels and three spin-offs, as well as a television adaptation.